About us

Zareen Collection is pleased to bring gulf-inspired luxury designer abayas and clothing. All our products are locally made with care and attention to detail. We believe in quality tailoring and hand-selected fabrics that make our products truly exquisite. 

Zareen Collection is envisioned to be the face of elegance and style in the abaya design concepts.  We look forward to bringing you our designs.

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Why Zareen?

Our garments are hand tailored and never produced on an assembly line. We believe in fair trade and comfortable working conditions.  Finishing touches are often put by care and full attention to detail.  A vast majority of our garments are made to order - that means it’s made especially for you, with you in mind.

Zareen Collection has been established to meet the fashion industry’s need for modest and stylish clothing.  Too often, it is difficult for Muslim women and women of other faiths who prefer to dress modestly to find clothing in mainstream shops that meet their needs.  

Our unique designs are met with high quality fabrics, providing our customers with a brand of clothing that they prefer to wear.


The Zareen Experience

The word Zareen is derived from the Persian language for golden. Each and every muslimah is a shining example of strength, softness, importance, and value, like gold. We strive to bring you clothes that will match this important ideal.

From the moment you view our collection, your eyes are met with various styles inspired by the middle eastern gulf region. Think of singing sand dunes, old souqs selling little treasures, alleys filled with traditions, and sparkling turquoise waters.  At the same time, you’ll find a land with futuristic skyscrapers and bustling malls, all the while never letting go of Arab hospitality.  This is the place where fashionable khaleeji abayas are born.  This is the place where you will find clothing that is modest and elegant.  Because modesty is elegance.