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          Asalaamu alaykum and welcome to Zareen Collection! First of all, I'd like to thank all the sisters who participated in our launch sale. We will be adding new styles soon, so please keep a lookout for those! I know many of you have been waiting patiently while we were working hard to get Zareen Collection up and running. May Allah (swt) Reward you for your patience and make it easy for you to cover according to Islamic principles, ameen. 

Here at Zareen Collection, we hope our collections will help sisters all over the world dress modestly with style. For this sort of project to be successful, the support of the ummah is needed, and of course, without Allah (swt)'s help nothing is possible, so may Allah (swt) bless this business which strives to bring stylish modest clothing of high quality to women everywhere.

I'm a born and raised Muslimah from California, USA. So when the opportunity came to move half way across the world to Qatar, a small Muslim country in the Gulf, I was both excited and nervous. Nervous to leave behind the lifestyle I was familiar with and excited to experience a new culture.

It really didn't take long after arriving in Doha (the capital of Qatar), to realize there are unique and beautiful abayas everywhere! The variety of abaya designs only seemed to increase as I went around from shop to shop. It wasn't long before I started designing my own abayas. After showing them to my family and friends in the US, they also wanted similar abaya designs that were both elegant and modest.

The kind of variety and options available here in the Gulf was never available to us in the US, even online. An idea started to form in my head - to make designer abayas available to Muslims all over the world, not just to those living in the Middle East.

And this is how Zareen Collection was born - once, just an idea, now a high quality modest clothing atelier offering designer abayas and luxury modest wear products worldwide. Offering high end quality and elegant modest fashion designs for our sisters. We look forward to bringing you our designs and we hope you join us on our journey.


  • Sara,

    Thank you for inquiring, however none of our products are made in bulk. We are proud to have artisan made products which takes time and a lot of attention to make. Many of our products are also custom orders. Please feel free to contact us at info@zareencollection.com for further information.

    Zareen Collection
  • Did you sale bulk abayas with affordable price.
    Abaya Online India


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