Artisan Tailorship

One of the beautiful aspects about our clothing is that they are created by artisan tailors. At Zareen Collection, we do not believe in having our clothes made as fast as they can be made on an assembly line. In fact, many hours and days are spent in creating the embroidery on just one piece. Some of our designs have handmade work which takes skill and experience. And sometimes the last tiny details have to be put on with just the right attention to create an exceptional piece.

We advocate for slow movement in order to provide quality clothing at accessible prices and fair working conditions. We have chosen not to mass produce the clothing found at Zareen Collection. The way your clothes are made are important factors to consider. While we love fashion and style, we don't want our clothes to come at the expense of people's lives. At Zareen Collection, we strive to attain these ideals by not mass producing your clothes. We want fashion, and especially Islamic fashion, to consist of high quality, distinct products that are made in small quantities by hand.

Another unique aspect of Zareen Collection is our made-to-order service. That means your clothes are made for you when you order it with all your custom measurements and requests. You can customize as much as you want or choose a standard size and length if you prefer. Either way, we believe in clothing that is made to last which is why we strive to bring you the best quality.

With so many fast fashion brands in the industry, clothing has a huge impact on our environment. When we buy clothes, just to wear once or twice and then throw it away, how does that affect our world and environment? According to a recent Huffington Post article found here, one garbage truck of textiles is thrown away every second! That's an astounding number. Instead of spending on fast fashion time and time again, let's train ourselves to budget for nicer, well-made items that last longer, are better quality, and what we need. Not only does it save us from wasting, but it's easier on the environment. What happens to all the clothes we "donate"? Does it really reach people who need it? Let's be conscious of how our fashion choices affect the world around us.

Historically, this is actually how clothes were made. Clothes were made with time, care, and attention to detail. Tailors were highly skilled in their work. With the industrial revolution, working conditions became poor, especially in developing countries, while there was a huge increase in the number of products being consumed.

Here at Zareen Collection, our Muslim artisan tailors are highly experienced in creating hand-embroidered designs that have been carefully worked on to bring you the very best. We are so excited to bring this level of care from our hearts to your closets!

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